Cocos Island


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Unique culture, idyllic beaches and breath-taking experiences await in the stunning Cocos Islands. 

Also known as the Keeling Islands, the Territory of Cocos Islands is an Australian external territory in the Indian Ocean. It incorporates a small archipelago made up of 27 coral islands – only two of them inhabited (West Island and Home Island). 

Home to about 600 people, the tiny society that inhabits the islands has been held together for more than 150 years by many factors, including the geography of the place, strong family loyalty, shared religious beliefs and a unique language. 

West Island, where the airport is located, is also the place most tourists choose to stay as accommodation on the other inhabited island, Home Island, is predominantly restricted to residents. In the West Island you will find a supermarket, gift shop, visitor centre, a small (but good) selection of cafes and restaurants, and much more. However, the best attraction is the place’s natural beauty. Stunning! 


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