Hong Kong


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Our travel deals will take you to a city where iconic cuisine, amazing shopping experience and an incredible skyline perfectly meet. 

Hong Kong, the fourth most densely populated city in the world is certainly one of the most exciting places to visit. A world-famous cuisine, endless shopping opportunities, and an incredible skyline are some of the reason why visitors find their trip to Hong Kong an intense and rewarding experience to the senses. 

Undeniably a territory of contrasts, Hong Kong merges almost seamlessly its rich Chinese and English heritages – it’s possible to find a Buddhist temple and many colonial relics nearly everywhere.  

To make a visit to Hong Kong and unforgettable experience, visit the Tsim Sha Tsui East Promenade, check out the spectacular nightly Symphony of Lights show, enjoy a stroll across the mountainside and visit Temple Street Night Market to experiment different dai pai dong dishes. 


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