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Combining old and new, Guangzhou – the City of the Five Rams offers plenty of culture, natural beauty and history to see. 

Guangzhou, also known as Canton and the third largest city in China is a modern and robust metropolis located in south-central Guangdong Province and north of the Pearl River Delta. The city lies close to the South China Sea, the impressive Hong Kong and the autonomous Macau. The Pearl River (Zhujiang), one of Guangzhou’s main attractions and the third longest river in China, runs through the city and is navigable to the South China Sea. 

In the dynamic city of Guangzhou there are endless skyscrapers, shopping malls, and also plenty of culture and history to see. One of the most incredibly scenic spots in the city, the Baiyun Mountain, or the ‘White Cloud’, a place with beautiful natural scenery and many historical relics is a must-visit destination as much as the Ancestral Temple of the Chen Family, an academic and spiritual temple consisting of 19 buildings with nine halls and six courtyards, connected by corridors.  


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