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Breathtaking experiences and incredible adventures await in the stunning Geraldton. 

Located on the stunning Batavia Coast, 263 miles north of Perth, Geraldton is a city in the Mid-West region of Western Australia that plays an important role as a service and logistics centre. 

As one of the must-visit windsurfing, kite surfing, surfing, snorkelling, diving, boating and fishing destinations in Australia, Geraldton is emerging and a trendy beach paradise for tourists seeking for much more than just water sports activities. In this picturesque coastal city there are numerous and incredible things awaiting to be explored, such as the greatest displays of spring windflowers and the rich and intriguing maritime, Indigenous and Spanish missionary history. 

Gateway to the breathtaking Abrolhos Islands and home to the mesmerizing Hutt Lagoon (aka Pink Lake) and the famously fresh sea food, Geraldton is certainty a wonderful natural wonder. 


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